Repair or Replace Roof – Wichita, Kansas Roofing Tips

Every homeowner is very concerned as soon as some form of damage happens to the roof. Very often this acts as the wake-up call as the homeowner has to make an immediate decision of patching the roof or replacing it completely. This is not an easy decision to make as patching is cheaper in the short term but may prove to be more expensive in the long run while replacing the roof appears to be a humongous task. Here are some guidelines which will help in making this difficult decision.
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How to Inspect and Maintain Roof in Top Condition

Regular inspection and maintenance of roofs will extend their lifespan and also uncover minor defects you can attend to in time to prevent major ones. The roof is exposed to the elements and can be damaged by UV radiation, rain and severity of winter condition. While it is always advisable to have a certified roofing maintenance company handle advanced maintenance, you can always inspect it and carry out minimum preventive maintenance.
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Kansas Roofing Tips: Attic Ventilation

Ventilating your attic may seem like the wrong thing to do when trying to keep your home warm for the winter but there are reasons why it is exactly what you need to do. Proper attic ventilation helps prevent ice damming which is the result of snow melting on a warm roof and then refreezing when it reaches the gutters causing an ice dam that can damage the roof. The last thing you want is a damaged leaky roof due to improper ventilation.

Using proper insulation and venting in your attic will keep the attic cooler in the winter by blocking the entry of heat and moist air from the ceiling below. Winter is not the only thing that venting helps with. In the summer air flow in the attic will move the warm summer air out of the attic which protects the roof shingles and also removes moisture. Continue reading